Short Stories

The photos that compose this series have been taken over the past two years. Noticing that some pictures are related to each other, I began consciously to take photos which, placed one alongside other, can tell a short story.

The images refer to the cycle of life and death, trying to pay attention to the brief episode that a being traverses on its way to eternity. Some of the photos shows, maybe, a dramatic “show”, mostly determined by the adverse effects caused by the human involvement in this cycle.

The stories in this series reflects life itself, in all aspects, as we see it day by day. It is the path of life, even sometimes seems unfair or cruel, but is pure reality. Some of us may ignore it, may turn the head in opposite directions, but at the end of the day these images presents the real factor, which at the end of the day , includes all of us.



- in photo 5: adopta = adopt;

- in photo 7: cumpar paduri = buy forest;

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Short Stories
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